canadian horse coins


UCD Participates In Production Of Canadian Horse Coins
By The Royal Canadian Mint

Since 2007, members of the UCD have been working with the Royal Canadian Mint to produce coins depicting the Canadian Horse.

The following three members: Ray Lalonde, Gerry Lalonde and Brenda Pantling worked behind the scenes with the Royal Canadian Mint and were also responsible for approval of the final designs and the literature that accompanies the coins.

Two coins have now been released. On the left is the 40mm (1.57″), legal tender, $100 coin. On the right is the impressive 85.55mm (3.36″), ½ kilogram silver collector coin. Because of the silver value, the larger coin retails for $1100 on the Royal Canadian Mint’s website but its legal tender value is only $125.

The images are sized to scale, relative to each other. The head side of the $125 coin is the same as the head side of the $100 coin.